Fatal Dimensions

General information about Fatal Dimensions
The Fatal Dimensions Mud Server information and picture.
Read here how the mud is run in the Design Document. If you want to become an immortal on Fatal Dimensions you need to read this document. It is also a good way for players to find out how things work on Fatal Dimensions.
Take a look the mudconnector entry of Fatal Dimensions.
Mud FAQ, All the answers on the questions you could ask about mud's in general.

How to become an immortal
To become an immortal you must do the following things..
  1. Become familiair with Fatal Dimensions as an mud. So even if you are a great builder on another mud, we still want you to play a bit in Fatal Dimensions, learn her features and some of the new non-stock areas.
  2. Read the Design Document. This documents tells you about how the mud is run and what jobs you could apply for. You may always give comments about this document when you think it is incorrect or not complete.
  3. If you want to become a builder, you should have a talk with the Head Builder first.
  4. Then you can apply for the job by sending an email to the Fatal Dimensions Council.
  5. Every month the council has a council meeting, during this meeting the council members decide if they are going to hire you.

Information Services
See who is online by looking at the Fatal Dimensions Who List.
Read the Fatal Dimensions Online Help here on the website.

At the moment the staff of Fatal Dimensions is working hard on making a new class system. In this system you still choose one of the four basic classes, but around level 8 you will be able to choose a so called subclass. Classes the new system will contain are:
mage, illusionist, evoker, necromancer, wildmage
cleric, druid, herbalist, healer, templar
thief, scout, ninja, bard, burglar
warrior, paladin, samurai, barbarian, scourge

It is a lot of work so don't expect it to be finished very soon.