Fatal Dimensions

Usefull Links
The Mud Connector, for all your Mud resources.
Mud FAQ, All the answers on the questions you could ask about mud's in general.

Kyndig's Online Text Game Resource Site at http://www.kyndig.com.
The Game Grotto, this link works again, but is it still about muds?
Mudlinks (was Doran's Mudlist), a very nice mudlist.

Pueblo Mud Client, a very nice mud client.
KECs Home-Page, a mud tool for telnet users and a Rom24 graphical area designer.
Get zMUD Now!
Zugg's MUD Client
, my favourite mud client.

404 of the Week

Fatal Dimensions is:

And uses:


Other Links
The 'homepage' of Frank Schaap (Fragment.nl), he graduated on the performance of gender in online role playing games (MUD's).

Useless Links

A short article about DNS-Mudding.
DC Heroes in Fatal Dimensions? Read on!
THE ASIAN - All the news. All the time.