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01-09-07 There have been a few changes in the immortal ranks that I would like to present.
The council as of today:
- head builder: Glosdraug
- head coder: Jodocus
- clan overseer: Smokey
- head questor: Verlag

Sid and UnionKing have stepped down as immortal to mortal.
VyperX has stepped down to guest immortal.

As of next copyover, scripting is completely illegal.
Heroes won't auto timeout anymore, too.
11-14-06 Immortal Council meeting highlights:
UnionKing has become a questor
09-16-06 Immortal Council meeting highlights:
Rocksy had to stop being the headquestor.
Sid will be our next headquestor.
Vjorn has become a questor
07-11-06 Blogging has been added to our website. You can find it under the players topic.
02-21-06 Immortal Council meeting highlights:
Sid has become clanseer and Jupiter has become guest immortal
12-17-05 The map has been updated
10-21-05 The new mudserver lives!
09-14-04 Immortal Council meeting highlights:
All immortals are now member/knight of the immortal clan.
Doommaker will be questor asap.
08-31-04 Two new areas have been attacked:
Skara's Bretonnia and Morgan's Lo'ral.
07-22-04 Immortal Council meeting highlights:
Skara was mortalized again. Falon decided to step down as an immortal.
05-20-04 Thargol has updated the map.
05-18-04 Immortal Council meeting highlights:
Jupiter has become HeadQuestor. Rocksy has become a normal questor, and Falon got the police job.
04-20-04 Immortal Council meeting highlights:
Nothing to report, basically a boring meeting :)
03-10-04 Immortal Council meeting highlights:
Falon gained stringer, Jupiter and Skara became Questor and Leiros has joined the mortal ranks.
We added some posibilities on punishment to fill the gap between slap and slay. Look on the forum for juicy details.
08-23-03 New offsite backup storage bas been taken into use.
04-05-02 Thargol has updated the map!
12-10-01 MavEtJu has redesigned the internals of the website. Some external links may not work anymore. The internal links should still work!
05-31-01 Today we switched to a new server, which is faster, bigger and better. Quicker recoveries from crashes and quicker copyovers. Many thanx to MavEtJu for the hardware. Also many thanx to Jodocus for configuring the new server.
01-23-01 When you have configured your email address in your profile (help email), your name will be added to the addressbook on Fatal Dimensions (at 00:00CET) with that address.
10-24-00 We have a new update of the offline editor.
09-05-00 14:00 CET We have some serious problems with the mud. It will be down until the problems are fixed.
08-02-00 Do you play Magic: The Gathering? Do you have the Magic: The Gathering Interactive Encyclopedia? Do you think the program is not handy enough? Try Owned Magic Cards, a program from Joran Software for easly entering your collection of Magic cards into the Interactive Encyclopedia. (Doesn't work anymore)
05-09-00 The map on the mud website now points to Thargol's latest map.
01-27-00 The offline editor has been updated.
01-27-00 Benedict's Mob Program Patterns have been added to the mobprogs section.
01-10-00 The first version of the connection statistics is now available on the statistics page.
01-04-00 The building section has been updated by Benedict.
12-28-99 Thargol has added some color and better readable text to the Fatal Dimensions Masterplan.
12-25-99 Our 404 page is this week's 404 of the Week at the 404 Research Lab. I have placed the award on the links page.
12-22-99 Added new 404 message.
12-17-99 YES!!!! The new website of Fatal Dimensions is now available. Many thanx to Richard (Thargol) for his help.
12-07-99 The mud server has now 32MB extra memory, making a total of 64MB.
12-02-99 Joran has finally found an acceptable way for the homepage to display nicely on Internet Explorer and Netscape.
11-30-99 Joran is busy setting up the new website on the mud server.

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