Fatal Dimensions

Old News
10-27-99 Again the Fatal Dimensions Offline Editor is updated. This version uses the tcl mobprograms.
10-23-99 Richard updated the website.
06-29-99 The Fatal Dimensions Offline Editor is updated. It contains fresh area files, the latest documents and the latest features. The ofline editor can only be downloaded by Fatal Dimensions Immortals. (Or by requesting it by email)
06-03-99 Here is a sketch of the FatalDimensions masterplan of our Head Builder Benedict.
05-17-99 The mud host is upgraded from FreeBSD 2.2.6 to FreeBSD 3.1 in about half an hour.
05-06-99 You can now read the notes send to all on the Fatal Dimensions Note Spool page. Notes send to immortals can be read from the immortal administration page.
05-03-99 Added a link in the Builders and Coders section to MavEtJu's ROM Programming Kingdom.
01-12-99 You can now connect to fataldimensions.nl.eu.org port 4000, and browse to http://come.to/fatal-dimensions
01-11-99 Updated the telnet java application. It now also downloads quicker.
01-06-99 Updated the Fatal Dimensions Photo Galery so it is more accessable.
01-05-99 Now you need to authorize yourself as immortal to enter some of the web pages. Use your mud username and password for that.
12-16-98 The server has been replaced by a Pentium 90 computer with 32MB memory.
12-10-98 The JoranMud Offline Editor has been updated. (See Builders section)
11-09-98 Check out the new builder section, there are some new documents, and there will be added some more soon.
10-15-98 Added the Fatal Dimensions Photo Galery.
08-26-98 The mud server has been moved from room HG 4.22 to HG 4.23, I hope to have some new pictures of it soon.
08-04-98 Taojhi is no longer immortal on Fatal Dimensions, Fatal has taken over her duties now.
07-20-98 The testmud is online now on port 5000. It isn't open for users yet.