Fatal Dimensions

Absu   Vidharr at Vampirefreaks.com - Gothic Industrial Culture
Alleron   Alleron at Vampirefreaks.com - Gothic Industrial Culture
Aminadab Yahoo: aminhero ICQ: n/a Homepage for the Fatal Dimensions Multi User Dungeon
Buffy Yahoo: Spaiyq  
Casper ICQ: 92016268 Knight Templars Clan Webpage
Dorn   No Title
Ekdar   Ekdar ,Demon Hellion of Hellstorm
Falon Yahoo: dragn99s Weaponsmall
Fruhd Yahoo: spuhnkie@yahoo.com FIRST... a few choices...
Gali Yahoo: at bagels  
Ganon Yahoo: Diason255  
Indy ICQ: 79370717  
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Kou Yahoo: removed  
Lance Yahoo: n/a ICQ: none Alex's Homepage
Sandara ICQ: 13674407  
Scorn   No Title
Scrat ICQ: 39054112 Games.snt.utwente.nl :: High Speed Gaming at Twente University
Silicium ICQ: 144096924  
Skara Yahoo: Staerix Skara Student of the Flame
Tech   No Title
Terakk   Martin's MainPage
Vladamir Yahoo: liondenboy1989 No Title

How to get onto this page:
If you are a player on Fatal Dimensions, you can use the config publish command in the mud to set if you want to be published on one of these pages. If you set it to yes and have filled in your homepage, icq number or yahoo id, then you will find your entry on one of these pages after midnight CET.