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Transmit 5.1


Transmit 5.1.5 | macOS | 75 mb


Transmit is an excellent FTP (file transfer protocol), SFTP, S3 (Amazon.com file hosting) and iDisk/WebDAV client that allows you to upload, download, and delete files over the internet. With the most Mac-like interface available, Transmit makes FTP as simple, fun, and easy as it can possibly be. 

Homepage: http://panic.com/transmit/

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Dr. Cleaner Pro 1.2.2 MAS


Dr. Cleaner Pro 1.3.3 MAS | Multilingual | macOS | 26 mb


Dr. Cleaner Pro is the professional version of Dr. Cleaner.

Dr. Cleaner Pro also includes Duplicate Finder and App Uninstaller.


Mac App Store: http://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/id1133028347

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Flinto 25.2


Flinto 26.0.5 Multilingual | macOS | 20 mb


Flinto is a comprehensive app prototyping tool that allows you to create anything from simple tap-through prototypes, to comprehensive prototypes with impressive interactions. We've carefully designed Flinto to minimize complexity. There's no programming or timelines. It's the prototyping tool designers have been waiting for.



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Backgrounds 3.0 MAS

Backgrounds 6.1 MAS | macOS | 55 mb


Backgrounds makes your desktop dynamic with 6 themes: iTunes, Parallax, Quartz, Video, System and Time. It is designed for Mac users who want to make the backgrounds of their computer screens more attractive, stylish, and dynamic. This can be done by adding brand new features and helpful widgets to your screen to achieve an exquisite and original desktop appearance.


Mac App Store: http://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/id808501572

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Polarr Photo Editor Pro 5.0.2 MAS


Polarr Photo Editor Pro 5.2.0 MAS | macOS | 90 mb


Used by the world's most professional portrait and landscape photographers, Polarr offers advanced auto-enhance tools and sophisticated filters to edit every detail of your photo.


Mac App Store: http://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/id1058273036

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Shortcut Bar 1.8.9

Shortcut Bar 1.8.14 | macOS | 9 mb


Favorite files and folders at your fingertips Shortcut Bar is an incredibly handy app that connects you to the files, folders, apps and web bookmarks that you need lightning fast access to. The app lives in your menubar and allows you to add in an unlimited number of shortcuts. Whenever you require access to these important files and folders, simply click on the menubar icon and select the item from the dropdown list.


Homepage: http://fiplab.com

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AE Camera Morph v1.0 for After Effects
AE Camera Morph v1.1.1 for After Effects macOS | 3 MB

AE Camera Morph allows you to morph between your cameras in After Effects just like you do in Cinema 4d.

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Tenorshare iCareFone (iPhone Care Pro)



Tenorshare iCareFone 5.1.0 Multilingual | macOS | 59 mb


iCareFone (iPhone Care Pro) will fix iOS to normal by installing the latest firmware file without wiping data on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Repairing Operating System can fix all iOS stuck, crash, and errors occur on iOS update/jailbreak. You can also repair the system just for a faster and better iOS experience.



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Tenorshare UltData 8.2.0

Tenorshare UltData Multilingual | macOS | 31 mb

An ultimate solution to repair iPhone iOS system issues and get back your iPhone lost data including messages, contacts, photos, videos, notes, and more no matter how the situation turns out. Recover 20 + Types of Files - Undelete SMS, iMessage, Contacts, Call History, Photos, Videos, Notes, Voice Memos, WhatsApp, Tango, and other files that you count on your iPhone.


Homepage: http://www.tenorshare.com

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Watercolor Studio Pro 1.2.0


Jixipix Watercolor Studio Pro 1.3.9 | macOS |607 mb


Automated Photo to Watercolor Software with Realistic and Natural Style Watercolor Studio creates fluid, liquidy, translucent watercolors with paint that flows naturally. Built on-top of an incredible rendering system that uses real-world techniques, this application does the initial work, producing a watercolor instantly, then allows you to customize your paintings using an array of Sliders, Layers, Brushes, Color Washes and Artistic finishes. The end result—print quality watercolors filled with transparent luminosity and sheer beauty.


Homepage: http://jixipix.com/watercolor-studio/detailsMAS.html

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